Will improving my home’s green credentials increase its value?

An energy efficient home

You might wonder if you’ll recoup the cost of your home eco-investments before you move house. But even if you plan to sell up in just a few years, there’s increasing evidence that this might not be a problem.

What the estate agents say…

Many property websites now reckon that energy efficiency and micro-generation investments add value to your home.

PP Magazine has said by making some simple energy-saving improvements, such as installing quality glazing or fitting an energy efficient condenser boiler, homeowners can really add value to their homes, whilst helping the environment at the same time“.

JL Anderson thinks that energy efficiency is coming to the fore in the minds of buyers, and sellers would be wise to reap the benefits by vastly increasing both the value and the saleability of their properties by implementing relatively low-cost measures.

Finally, a survey by FCTP Guide showed that a third of first-time buyers say they will avoid a property which is not energy efficient. It is important to think about energy efficiency improvements and micro generation installations as a way of improving the value and saleability of your home – just like loft conversions or laying a new carpet.

How can you make your home more energy efficient?

We have gathered a quick list of ways of making your home energy efficient. Taking this advice onboard can help to increase the value of your property.

How much value could it add?

All this is good news for people wanting to do their bit, but make the investments stack up. However the exact value that these investments could add to your home is still pretty hard to pin an exact figure on. Find out more.

Research by builders merchants Sedgewall found nearly 63% of adults in Britain would pay more for an energy efficient home, and 24% of these people are willing to pay between £1,000 and £5,000 on top of the property’s asking price for an energy-efficient home and 11% say they would be happy to pay up to £10,000.