Methods to Waterproof Your Roof

Is Your Roof Waterproof?

The UK is prone to various weather conditions and unfortunately, dark clouds and heavy rain is a common sight to see. However, whilst the weather may reflect our moods negatively, don’t let a leaky roof cement your misery.

20% of home insurance claims are roof related.

Roofs, especially flat-roofs, are prone to damage in poor weather conditions. This could be due to gaps in your roof that stores water and leads to leaks, rot and mold.

Waterproofing your roof may seem costly; however there are multiple solutions that are quick, cost-effective and durable fixes that could save you money all year round.

What Solutions Could Help Waterproofing My Roof?

The suggestions we have won’t cost a fortune and they’re entirely doable yourself. However, we strongly recommend using an EPDM Primer. An EPDM Primer should be used when applying sensitive accessories for waterproofing your roof.

It has a fast curing time, and it’ll ensure that the waterproofing methods you undertake aren’t done in vain.

For waterproofing your roof, we recommend the following solutions:

  • Cover Tape
  • Pipe Seals

These methods will increase your roof’s protection in harsh conditions. It will also ensure that rainwater won’t be stored on your roof and will be redistributed to nearby drains or a recyclable watering system.  

What Other Methods Are There?

Your roof is one of the most important structures of your home, and if not maintained right, it could be very costly to fix. If you’ve noticed your roof’s poor condition, check out other alternatives in replacing it. Remember, a secure, waterproof roof will help increase your homes’ efficiency and its value.